The Commas are dead (xmyelegyx) wrote in xxscreamersxx,
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ok so this friday for those who dont know my friends band passenger is playing a show at the heart and soul in mt. prospect illinoise so i encourage all to come all ages show starts at 7:00 they will be playing with her sundays best, man alive ( a band from isreal!) and joe.brandon.mark.nate( yeah i know the name needs work but ive heard theyre good) and it will only cost ye 5 dollars so come out to the show and be amazed by some good music i will be ther most likely god willing i can catch a ride
other news: my band behind the glass is changing the name to what i dont know but if you have any ideas please post them on my lj please this is happening because of the style change and because 4 out of 5 members despise all music that belongs to that name and we would like to start afresh so yeah
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