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[07 Sep 2005|06:39pm]

PLEASE check out our NEW RECORDINGS! we are VERY excited about them and hope that you like them too! give them a listen at:


if you have MYSPACE...PLEASE ADD US! only if you like us though...<3 check us out on myspace at:



--courtesy of you
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Courtesy of You [21 Apr 2005|10:40am]

hey everyone....check out Courtesy of You. if you have myspace....ADD US! :) thanks :)


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Courtesy of You [27 Jan 2005|12:54am]

hey everyone,

im in the band Courtesy of You and was hoping you guys would just check us out. we have a new EP coming out w/in the next month, so keep your eyes pealed for it. also for all you myspace kids out there, we have our own myspace, so be sure to add us! links for music/pix/info/merch/shows/etc are:


if you enjoy it...please make sure you let us know and more importantly tell your friends! much love and keep rockin'!
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meow [12 Aug 2004|04:14pm]

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Please go and listen to:

"Killing Compassion"


"Embrace These Ashes"

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::::::::::::::x::::::::::::: [15 Jun 2004|06:07pm]

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hey livejournal. whats up. im the drummer/screamer in an expirimental/posthardcore/pop punk/emo band from orlando florida that just recorded last night. if you wanna check it out and let me know what you think. go to www.purevolume.com/arcana

constructive critisism is appriciated.

thanks guys<33

PS: if you wanna email the band you can at : arcanarock@hotmail.com

or you can me at : AIM : like x sassy

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Courtesy of You [13 May 2004|03:27pm]


It us again! Just wanted to let everyone know that we have an official homepage now at http://www.CourtesyofYou.com and we have a fan page that was made by a fan...obviously...at http://www.geocities.com/courtesy_of_you !! Make sure you check those both out. For those of you who haven't heard of us, you can check out our music at http://www.purevolume.com/courtesyofyou and for those of you who have heard of us, we have 2 other songs that are up for downloading and 3 new songs to stream, if you haven't listened already. Be sure to check it out and feel free to drop us a line anytime at CourtesyofYou@yahoo.com or just reply to this post!

Courtesy of You
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Passenger=good [26 Apr 2004|08:05pm]

ok so this friday for those who dont know my friends band passenger is playing a show at the heart and soul in mt. prospect illinoise so i encourage all to come all ages show starts at 7:00 they will be playing with her sundays best, man alive ( a band from isreal!) and joe.brandon.mark.nate( yeah i know the name needs work but ive heard theyre good) and it will only cost ye 5 dollars so come out to the show and be amazed by some good music i will be ther most likely god willing i can catch a ride
other news: my band behind the glass is changing the name to what i dont know but if you have any ideas please post them on my lj please this is happening because of the style change and because 4 out of 5 members despise all music that belongs to that name and we would like to start afresh so yeah
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Flint show friday [22 Apr 2004|01:14am]

Hey i'm in a band called gauge (www.gaugemusic.com) and there is a bomb diggin show on friday april 23rd that everyone should go to.. visit www.flintlocal432.com for more info. wooo!

flyer here http://img34.photobucket.com/albums/v102/fourwordletter/flyer.jpg

Oh and you can hear us at www.hxcmp3.com/bands/4286

you can also visit (or join) our livejournal community gaugemetal
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the futile [30 Mar 2004|06:29pm]

hey there, i'm in a band from Findlay, OH called the futile, and we just put some new mp3's up. you can take a listen at: http://www.hxcmp3.com/the_futile

(often compared to: the blood brothers, an albatross, showbread, at the drive-in. so think spazzy hardcore punk with synth, three vocalists, and breakdowns)

we're looking to trade/play shows anywhere in OH/MI and posiibly PA, KY, and IN with any band interested. send us an email if your interested or for anything else: futilemusic@hotmail.com


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show on the sixth [24 Jan 2004|05:14pm]

there is going to be a show on the sixth with passenger and some other people passenger is amazing i highly recommend going to this show it starts at 9pm at wheaton grand theater i probably wont be there for sure myself cuz im half grounded for stupid reasons surrounding stupid choices go figure then feb 14th your last breath will be playing the trec go to see dustin covert hes amazing the reg vocals are okay but dustin makes him look like a 2 yr old trying to talk for the first time the only reason ill let the vocals pass is cuz he can scream pretty good
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alskdmfalsndf,a.snfgaljskdnasd/fnasl;f [15 Jan 2004|08:21pm]

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new community [09 Jan 2004|09:12pm]

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hey whats up i made this community for local bands to promote themselves talk about up coming shows talk about music and whatever just keep it clean please. Behind the glass with forgiven forgotten the incrowd and august saturday jan 10th come out if you can!

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